Bad Pixel’s Deadside Survival MMO Launches On Steam Early Access

Publisher and developer Bad Pixel announced the release of their post-apocalypse survival multiplayer Deadisde in Steam Early Access. The Early Access version is just the base game, but players can also take the Supporter Pack DLC which includes increased storage, advanced skins for default survival items and an in-game camo print shirt.

Deadside is a hardcore multiplayer shooter set in a large open world environment with multiple ways to play. The atmosphere in the game is bleak to immerse players in a realistic gaming environment of hopelessness and hopelessness.Bad Pixel’s Deadside Survival MMO Launches On Steam Early Access.

Deadside strives to maintain the balance between a shooter and survival style gameplay. The game focuses on a new world in the ruins of a dead civilization, but the cause of the new world is not due to imaginary monsters such as zombies or aliens.