BetaDwarf Gives Away Minion Masters

After only a slight delay, the new Minion Masters expansion, Saving Jadespark Jungle, is finally here! We have provided a full description of the ten new maps previously, which you can read here, but BetaDwarf is already there to help further increase the hype.

To celebrate the release of the expansion, BetaDwarf is offering its new DLC, Zealous Inferno, for free! Typically priced at $ 15, this DLC gives a handful of cards, an exclusive emote and avatar, and a few power tokens to grab five other cards in addition to everything else.

This DLC is based on the theme of the Empyrean army which is largely in the Saving Jadespark Jungle expansion. Intended to help you strengthen your army, it will serve as an ideal starter pack to help you align an Empyrean deck on your way to take the co
BetaDwarf Gives Away Minion Masters Zealous Inferno DLC For Free To Celebrate Release Of Saving Jadespark Jungle
The DLC includes three copies of the legendary Caeleth Dawnhammer, a formidable commander of the Empyrean army who obtains a powerful buff if he is surrounded by enough of his allies. The DLC also includes five copies of the Sun Burn spell, which damages and enrages all minions in the area of ​​effect. Twenty copies of Banner Man are provided with the download, an essential servant who gives shields to nearby units.

Downloaders will also get forty copies of Legionnaires, a staple of the Empyrean army and a powerful addition to a game. Perhaps the most interesting, however, is the Brother of the Burning Fist community card, a powerful and tanky solo unit that leads from the front line of the army as he sets fire to him with his sacred powers.

Five power tokens are also included, which will grant you five other cards of all kinds – maybe even another legendary one! You will also be able to enter an exclusive animated avatar and an emote.

Empyrean Army cards are ideal