WebSite Director can help you manage your web content and other intellectual properties — efficiently and effectively. WebSite Director will increase your productivity with its Team collaboration capabilities, so that your content moves quickly from contributors to your website. WebSite Director also allows you to control the look and feel of your website through its customizable templates, thereby ensuring that your website design remains consistent while allosing non-technical contributors to concentrate on their message. You can also store previously-published content for quick retrieval/reversion, because published pages, stored in the Version History Library, are available for quick retrieval and disaster recovery. WebSite Director also meshes smoothly with other server applications. and easily interfaces with shopping cart systems, price and products catalogs, billing systems, etc. WebSite Director was designed to work with both UNIX and Windows operating systems, and in shared-server environments. The Pro version of WebSite Director provides multiple workflows; templates; version history; WYSIWYG and HTML editors. Plus, database update and publishing; WebDAV, directory-level access and update; publishing to multiple destinations/formats, and much more.