iOS 5 Features – What Is the iMessage Feature All About?

iMessage is one of the cool new features that is available to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users that have the new iOS 5 software. This feature gives you various opportunities to stay in touch with friends and family and coworkers and business clients. It has great capabilities that you should definitely take advantage of.

In its essence, iMessage is an instant message service. You can use it to send short messages to everyone that has iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 5. Of course, you need to be connected to the internet. It does not matter whether you use a Wi-Fi or 3G network. Your messages will be delivered timely.

You can share virtually all types of data using this iOS 5 service and not just plain text. iMessage is integrated into the Messages app. This allows you to pick any sort of file or piece of information and send it to any person on your contact list. You can readily share photos, videos and even contacts as well as text. If you cherished this short article and you would like to get more information regarding how to use imessage on pc kindly check out our webpage.

You can keep track of your entire communication with this new feature of the portable Apple devices. You can readily receive receipts when someone gets your messages. You can also get a receipt when the person reads it. These particular features can save you a lot of hassle when you need quick responses. You will be able to see when someone is typing to send you a message or to reply to the one that you have previously sent.

Group messaging is another great feature of iMessage that all iOS 5 users can take advantage of. It is great to be able to share great news with all your friends or to alert all people in the office about an important meeting. Generally, this feature has many great uses so you have the chance to make the most out of it.

Thanks to the integrated iCloud technology, you will be able to start an instant message chat using one device and complete the chat from another. Basically, you will be able to access iMessage and all the content that you have saved and received via any of the devices using iOS 5.

This means that you can text people while traveling via your iPhone and then continue the texting as you work on your iPad during the day. You do not have to do anything to use the features of the iCloud technology. All the syncing is done automatically for you.