Jared Leto Recalls The Scary

The actor went to Twitter to reveal that he had a pretty scary experience which almost ended tragically! Jared Leto shared with his many followers that in 2017 he was climbing when something went wrong and he “ is almost dead!

Fortunately, everything was fine in the end, but looking back at the incident, Leto can’t help but have mixed feelings.

Apparently, the talented climber fell almost as much as 600 feet after his rope began to cut through the jagged edges of the rock he was climbing.

There is no doubt that the multi-talented man is pretty good at this hobby, but things like that happen anyway and fans were afraid to learn what almost happened there is a few years.

He also climbed alongside some of the best pros in the world!

In 2017, when he almost died, he was with Alex Honnold, the star of the 2019 Free Solo documentary. Jared Leto Recalls The Scary Moment He ‘Nearly Died’ While Rock-Climbing – Check Out The Footage And Pics!

At some point during the climb, Leto slipped and the rope was almost cut by the sharp rock wall as it swayed in the air, 600 feet above the ground.

In his tweet, he also provided picture evidence of the condition of the rope.

Indeed, its outer layer was completely cut and the fileta

At the same time, he wrote, “Not to sound dramatic, but it was the day I almost died. Took a good fall climb with @AlexHonnold at Red Rock. I looked up and in a few seconds the rope cut through the rock while I hung 600 feet in the air. I just remember looking at the ground below.

He also posted a clip that