Kandi Burruss Gives Fans A Glimpse

Kandi Burruss shared a video the other day, teasing the RHOA ladies’ trip to Greece. Another episode of the TV series aired last night, and fans can’t wait to see the new episode of Kandi Speak on It as well.

Kandi also made a point of wishing his fans a happy International Women’s Day.

‘Be sure to log into @bravotv! It’s almost time to start the new #RHOA episode. It is good! First day of our trip to Greece! ”
Kandi Burruss Gives Fans A Glimpse Of The RHOA Ladies’ Greece Trip
Someone raised Kenya Moore and said, “Kandi really … Kenya gets exactly what it deserves sorry, not sorry, I’m just saying you know how she is and how she treats people.”

One subscriber said: “ I really love Tanya this season, she seems to be a really amazing person … with a great spirit of fun ✨✨ ”

Someone else posted this: ‘Kandi and Cynthia pissed me off tonight asking everyone to be nice to Kenya. If the shoe was on the other foot, Kenya would jump for joy on the situation of the person. She has NO sympathy on my part.

One commentator wrote: ‘Kandi you know very well that the statement not to mention divorce was lame and hypocritical.’

Another fan said something about Kenya and posted this: “ Kenya deserves everything it receives from these girls, so Kandi has to sit down and take care of her business, she should have checked Kenya this season and maybe they would be respectful of what it goes. I hope Nene will give Kenya the business for this trip.