Katy Perry Confesses There Is ‘Friction’ Between

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are not only engaged and on their way to the aisle, they are also expecting their first baby together! However, the singer admitted that things between them are not always perfect.

Katy admitted that there were “ frictions ” in their relationship during a conversation with Ryan Seacrest on On Air.

After confirming that they will become parents this summer, Katy Perry also reveals more details about her romance with fiance actor Orlando Bloom.

“ I am glad I was able to get out on the other side of this trip which has been almost twelve years in the spotlight and I am really deeply grateful that I am not addicted to drugs or I am not a big alcoholic. I have my head on my shoulders. I have compassion for everyone who is going through this, but being in the industry will make you crazy if you allow it, ” she told the host during the radio interview. . Katy Perry Confesses There Is ‘Friction’ Between Her And Orlando Bloom Even As They Get Ready To Welcome Baby!

The singer mentioned that the Pirates of the Caribbean star helped her become the best of herself, in addition to her own parents who instilled in Katy a “ golden compass ”.

But that doesn’t mean that his relationship with Orlando is flawless.

She admitted that “there is a lot of friction between my partner and me. But, this friction generates something beautiful. It can produce a lot of light. ”

As you may have heard, Katy is currently expecting her first child with the actor, and she was happy to finally stop hiding her baby.

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