Madonna Tears Up Because Of Knee Injury

The legendary artist is recovering from really painful knee injuries, so according to new reports, when Madonna fell from a chair during a performance as part of her Madame X tour in Paris, she really had some trouble getting up due to knee injuries.

Apparently, the whole incident made Madonna cry.

She did well during the dance sequences, but at one point she fell out of a chair.

The star fortunately got immediate help from one of his auxiliary dancers, reports The Sun.

Obviously, she was in a lot of pain, but she finally managed to finish the show . Madonna Tears Up Because Of Knee Injury After Falling Off Chair At Concert

It happened after months of recovery from her knee injury and in the past it was so bad that Madonna had no choice but to postpone a few concerts because of it in October and December.

She was recommended by medical specialists to get some rest during her recovery, but she also tried an alternative treatment called autohemotherapy.

The procedure is to mix the ozone with the blood and then “spin” it at a very high speed, which would help treat all kinds of injuries.

Madonna even documented the process on her IG account in December and in the caption, she explained that she was “bloodshed”.

In the meantime, it seems that she used a cane so as not to put too much pressure on her knees just after the Paris show when she was seen walking with a cane alongside her boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams.

Despite this, she seemed in a good mood, smiling at the spectators.