Porsha Williams Makes Fans’ Day With This Video That She Shared On Her Social Media Account

Tamar Braxton ended up in hot water after some things she said about Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. Watch the video below in case you missed it the other day!

Some people have criticized Tamar, not quite understanding what she had to say about these stars.

Tamar said, “What I said was that Kim paved the way for Nicki and in return Nicki also paved the way for others!” What I don’t agree with is that the artist is stuck against each other 🗣I said what I said love I always like Usher tho❤️ ‘ Tamar Braxton’s Fans Criticize Her For Some Things She Said About Usher, Lil Kim, And Nicki Minaj

One subscriber wrote, “They’re really dragging him. Usher just says that Lil Kim paved the way for him. Lil Kim was his inspiration. ”

One disciple said, “Tamar shut up! You are crazy because of your failed career. You were all across from Queen Bee. Usher never said that was why Nicki had his talents. HE SAID THAT IT IS A KIM PRODUCT. which is true, Kim is the model. There is no better female rap album than hardcore other than La Bella MAFIA… you don’t even rap, how dare you talk about something you know so little about… ”