Retrowave Platformer Cyber Hook Announced

Developer Blazing Stick and publisher Graffiti Games have announced their new independent title, Cyber ​​Hook. The game contains bright Retrowave 3D style graphics on a dark background.

Cyber ​​Hook publisher and developer have announced the new game and a new trailer showing the gam

The game features fast 3D parkour gameplay. The gameplay is entirely in first person, which makes the platform elements even more difficult. Fortunately, players will have a practical hook. Players will use the grappling hook to attach to the blocks while fighting enemies with a laser gun.
Retrowave Platformer Cyber Hook Announced For PC And Nintendo Switch
There are over 70 light levels filled with neon lights to explore. Players can break the level design and warp time to save themselves from certain loss. If players do well, they can challenge others in the world rankings to climb to the top or be encouraged by the progress of others. Unfortunately, players will have to take on the difficult gameplay of Cyber ​​Hook alone. The game is only available as a solo title without multiplayer.

Cyber ​​Hook will be available in nine different languages, but only the English language setting includes full audio. Additional languages ​​include French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

While the game has been announced, the release date is still pending. Players can add the game to their wish lists on Steam now, but the Nintendo Switch store page is still pending.

Blazing Stick has not released many games on Steam yet. Blazing Stick’s previous game was Abyssal Fall, which was released in August 2017. Cyber ​​Hook is a two-year business that will soon be released on PC and Nintendo Switch.