Ryan Reynolds Responds To Fan

Take a look at the video of Erica being filmed by the Safaree fooling around in the backyard.

“Day 23 of the quarantine in my yard … I think I lost my mind” Saf Safaree wrote the video he shared on his social media account.

Someone said, “Eric, get your husband lol” and another fan shouted, “Lol, you’re not alone !!! It’s still winter here in Edmonton-9 with fresh snow. ” Ryan Reynolds Responds To Fan Who Has ‘So Many Questions’ After Watching His Critically-Panned Movie ‘Paper Man’

Another fan said, “It would be cool if the neighbors were playing lol with you,” and a fan posted: “I feel like I’m killing the damn Corona. If only we could. ”

Another said, “In the meantime, I wish I had a yard to do this silly shit,” and another commenter posted this message: “It’s a bad time to lose your mind! The baby needs a diaper change. ”

Another fan said: “Lamao !!! You play too much !! ”

While at home, Safaree also takes care to exercise like crazy at home and shares various clips on his social media account to show fans how hard he works.