Schitt’s Creek Star Emily Hampshire

This finale was just the best. After six seasons, Schitt’s Creekended Tuesday night, and in the last episode, David Rose (Dan Levy) came to an end. The popular Canadian comedy series has created a passionate fan base in recent years, and the response to the social media finale has shown that the episode ended perfectly.

The finale centered around the wedding day of David and Patrick (Noah Reid) before the family moved on to separate ways and moved on from their lives at Schitt’s Creek. The episode began with David asleep in bed as Moira (Catherine O’Hara), Johnny (Eugene Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy) woke him up to let him know that a storm had made things “a little wet”. and you need to change the wedding venue at the last minute.

Netmarble has announced that it is bringing their mobile game Seven Knights to the Nintendo Switch as Seven Knights: Time Wanderer. The announcement came with a new trailer and a website where users can sign up for updates.

Netmarble also created a Twitter account for the game, but it doesn’t contain much news yet.

“Meet the dazzling, mysterious, fantastic Seven Knights on the Nintendo Switch!” said an official website, “An epic adventure is about to unfold.” Schitt’s Creek Star Emily Hampshire Promises Fans A ‘Perfect’ Series Finale The initial release of Seven Knights for mobile is still in progress. So far, it has over 60 million global downloads.

The official website does not have much content yet. The only content so far is the announcement of Nintendo Switch, a short trailer (which is classified as unregistered on YouTube), as well as an option to subscribe to the game to receive the latest updates.