Sony Is Scrambling To Shoot Down Leaked

The Last of Us Part II has just been delayed indefinitely by Sony and Naughty Dog due to the ongoing issue related to the spread of COVID-19. Just a few days after the announcement, a couple of videos leaked from the game reached the Internet and started spreading like a fire. Since then Sony has tried to shoot these videos wherever they may appear. While we won’t be showing the videos here, we’ll talk about it, so watch out for some delicate spoilers for The Last of Us Part II. In the first clip,Sony Is Scrambling To Shoot Down Leaked Footage From The Last Of Us Part 2we see Ellie riding a horse with Dina through the snow. It looks like another part of the patrol mission we had seen previously. As they ride, they are casually talking about a series of films. The second video was a little more interesting. He showed a mini game based on the guitar with Ellie. The player strums the chords of the instrument using a command wheel and scrolling on the touchpad located on the DualShock controller. Of course, Sony immediately launched these videos, creating copyright claims and making them shoot from YouTube.