Steph Curry Says On IG Live That He Could

Steph Curry is confident in his basketball skills, that’s for sure. Hot New Hip Hop recently collected an Instagram Live session with the basketball player in which he explained that it could drop 60 points during a game with any team. One could easily argue that Steph Curry is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, considering he ranks third on the all-time three-point list and still has many years to go before retiring. During an IG Live session for the NBA, McGee asked Curry which team he thinks he can score 60 points against.Steph Curry Says On IG Live That He Could Get 60 Points In A Game Against AnyoneCurry replied that he could have played like this with anyone. However, it is difficult for Curry to put his money in his mouth these days, considering that the NBA has currently been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. As fans of the basketball star know, he is currently married to Ayesha Curry, with whom he has three children. Earlier this year, the NBA star shared a post for his wife and three children in honor of his birthday. Nick Markus reported on March 24 that Curry burst out about their wedding, also telling everyone how much gratitude he had had for marrying her. Ayesha, 31, on the other hand, shared some posts on her social media while celebrating with tequila drinks. At the time, Ayesha and Steph quarantined themselves as everyone else has done in the past month and a half. It is clear that neither side needed anything or anyone else to be happy, a fact that both Steph and Ayesha have claimed in the past.