Tomb Raider Epic Crossover Event Adds

“Become extraordinary and become a hero with Lara Croft! Lara Croft is a new epic crossover that offers custom signature effects, a dedicated spot, and comes with an additional skin, Survivor Lara Croft, with its own two unique weapon skins and locking animation. states the official details of the event, “At Brawlhalla, Lara Croft reflects Diana’s abilities and will remain in Mallhalla after the event ends.”

The Tomb Raider Epic Crossover includes the Survivor Lara Croft skin, plus two additional weapon skins and a unique locking animation. Lara is equipped with two pistols and shooting arrows.

The new podium, Tomb Steele, has a mystery hidden inside. The podium is lively and awards knockouts. Tomb Raider Epic Crossover Event Adds Lara Croft To Brawlhalla

A new map has also been included with the crossover, called the Temple Ruins. The new free map for everyone includes three software platforms, a main platform and two islands. Players can use Dash and Dash Jump to move from platform to platform.

Temple Club is a new game mode, which is free for all to four players. Players must climb the map when fighting opponents. There are also dangerous traps, such as pressure plates, which make the match even more dangerous. Whoever scores the most points within three minutes wins.

There are additional bonuses for those who participate in the event. There is a daily login bonus of 250 gold coins plus a Tomb Raider themed UI takeover coins.

The patch also included new features.