Vigor Season 3 – Rivals Brings Some New Content

Postwar Norway has added tons of new content as the game moves into the third season. New and old Outlanders are surely excited about the addition of the reworked stash UI, face wear and a brand new seasonal game mode. As with every season and update, minor issues have been fixed and updated throughout the game, giving fans a more stable experience. Vigor acquired the third Battle Pass season, which is named ‘Rivals’. With the fall of the central government, the citizens of Norway split into two groups after the war. There are those who uphold the laws, and those who ignore them.Vigor Season 3 – Rivals Brings Some New Content Into The Free-To-Play Shooter, Choose Between Law And Chaos Fight in an order war against chaos and show your allegiance to your preferred side. Opponents have added a new seasonal game mode for the third season. Shootout aims at the shooting part of the gaming experience where players sit on a small area of ​​the new Sawmill card. Fight in fierce competition while earning points for murders. This new mode is intended to help players learn gun play more effectively. Throwing takes ten minutes, and they show the pure skills of players. Participants are rewarded with food and Battle Pass XP. It’s meant to be an exclusive mode for the Rivals season, but the developers said they would reconsider it based on feedback from Outlander. A three styled weapons have been added that allow players to enjoy a more tumultuous option. Enjoy the PSS, MP5-K SD3 and the SVU. The PSS is a silencer, the MP5-K SD3 is a pistol, and the SVU is a silencer. Each has its own customization options and season-specific varieties.